Knowledge Market - Funding and Chargeback Models

Being clear internally around the cost of delivering any IT service is a great communication practice – and it’s good for the business.

We’ve seen that financial transparency plays a crucial role in our customers’ success with DocuSign. While the primary goal is to show what IT services cost, it also has a positive impact on business acceleration and modernization of agreement processes – from Prepare, Sign, Act to Manage – to achieve desired business outcomes.

In short, financial transparency is a critical success factor for driving the adoption of DocuSign as part of your digital transformation strategy.

To help you learn more, we’ve created a resource exploring industry standards, best practices and lessons learned from other DocuSign customers around how new technology, operations, and consumption models are implemented – and thus how service costs are shared across the business.

Every chargeback model is unique. In most cases, the chargeback journey for DocuSign customers involves a continuous evolution. That’s why we recommend a multi-phased approach based on where you are in your journey – from initial implementation to enterprise-wide deployment.

Funding the first year of your DocuSign subscription through IT Shared Services, then moving to more of a hybrid model, and finally making the leap to a fully flexible and transparent chargeback model to support enterprise deployments enables you to more quickly adopt and realize the value of your DocuSign investment across your organization.

Ready to learn more? Read the full white paper in our Knowledge Market here.

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