On Nov 11th, 2014, we gathered Procurement executives from Financial Services, and Healthcare in New York City for a discussion on their challenges and priorities and how they are using digital technologies like Digital Transaction Management. In March 2014, DocuSign welcomed Procurement leaders across industries to discuss 100% digital transaction management for their source-to-pay processes. Since that first meeting, we have gathered the Advisory Council several times and our most recent meeting opened up the forum to welcome more points of view.

So what happened when Procurement mavens made the digital switch? Their inspiring successes were an absolute catalyst for future digital adoption:

  • Signatures obtained in less than a day for 82% of envelopes and less than an hour for 43%
  • Achieved goals of business simplification and pipeline acceleration
  • Eliminated the need to physically track or overnight documents

What’s Next?

Alongside sharing how each Procurement team is leading their respective business to game-changing success, we also discussed a range of topics that would benefit any Procurement leader today. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

  • Inertia biggest barrier to adoption
  • In large enterprises, multiple stakeholders must agree on process, highlighting need for an exec sponsor  
  • Workflow and process inefficiencies top of mind for Procurement leaders
  • Going mobile is essential for keeping up with the speed of business
  • Compliance – Make the right thing the easy thing to do

I welcome you back to the next edition where I’ll bring out the key tips and tricks I want all Procurement professionals to keep under their belt.

Please let me know in the comments below if you're interested in any particular topics. 

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