How Docusign eSignature Saves You Time During Tax Season

As an accounting professional, you probably know that waiting around for clients to sign the documents you’ve prepared for them can sometimes slow you down. This is especially true during tax season, when waiting on multiple clients to print, sign, scan and send you their client engagement letters, tax forms and other docs can really impact your growing business—while also causing unintentional errors and filing delays for your clients.

Fortunately, there’s an efficient solution for getting your tax work out the door, accurately and on time. And it starts with two industry-leading software tools designed to help you work efficiently and streamline your business operations.

Many tax forms can be electronically signed

Since the IRS began accepting electronic signatures on tax forms, the number of people filing returns electronically has skyrocketed. In 2020, more than 94% of all individual returns were filed this way. With customers now expecting to file their returns electronically, it makes sense to digitally transform more of your processes on the tax preparation side.

For accounting professionals, adopting electronic signatures is becoming a business necessity. With e-signatures, you can turn tax and financial documents around in hours instead of days—letting you focus on client work instead of how your approval processes work.

But not all electronic signature tools are created equal—how efficiently your business incorporates this technology can contribute to your business’s overall success. That’s why it’s smart to choose an e-signature solution that has a proven track record with tax professionals.

Using Docusign and QuickBooks gives you a competitive edge

Millions of tax and finance professionals rely on QuickBooks to file returns and other documents on their clients’ behalf. Likewise, Docusign is a leading, trusted and secure solution for e-signature. Used in combination as an integrated solution, Docusign eSignature and QuickBooks Online Advanced can help lead your office’s digital transformation.

It’s easy to embed Docusign eSignature into QuickBooks Online Advanced with a single action. There’s no need to switch back and forth between applications (which wastes time and can cause costly mistakes) while preparing client documents for signing. With this seamless integration, you can:

  • Prepare taxes, collect e-signatures and electronically file returns right from within QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • Add essential reports, such as Profit and Loss, Net Income, and Expenses, to documents for e-signature, again directly from QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest IRS regulations for e-signing.
  • Secure documents for e-signature with state-of-the-art encryption and signer authentication to protect your clients from fraud.
  • Save electronically signed documents automatically and retain an audit trail for added transparency.

Faster turnaround that clients appreciate

For growth businesses, client experience is everything. Keeping your customers happy with the way you respond to their needs is often one of the most important aspects of expanding your company. Adopting Docusign eSignature and QuickBooks Online Advanced is a great first step towards enhancing your customer experience by:

  • Speeding turnaround times for estimates and engagement letters
  • Streamlining tax-form sign-off processes
  • Allowing quick, secure, client authorization for EZ File processes.

Now you can accelerate all stages of your tax preparation business, from client estimates and contracts to final Federal and State e-file transmission.

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