Driving Process Efficiencies with Docusign and QuickBooks Online Advanced

Ethan Stern, one of the founders of Composed Systems, is a developer who aims to spend his time engineering software, not buried in paperwork. Composed Systems is a software consulting company focused on helping tech innovators control physical processes with software solutions. Founded in 2016, the five team members are all co-owners and work together to deliver resolutions to their clients. 

As part of their financial processes, Composed Systems produces an estimate to outline the scope, timelines and costs of each net new project for their customers. The estimate requires signatures before the project can officially kick off. Over a year ago, Ethan was printing, signing, scanning and sending every single company operating agreement he produced. Each one needed to be signed by all 5 members, meaning they were all going through the same manual process, one at a time. He quickly realized how inefficient this was for the team internally, but also that his frustrations were probably also felt by his customers, who also needed to print, sign, scan and send estimates. 

Composed Systems turned to Docusign and QuickBooks Online Advanced to speed up processes internally and externally. Having experienced Docusign as a signer in his personal life, Ethan knew that Docusign eSignature was reputable, trustworthy and efficient for his small business.

Composed Systems was also using Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Advanced for accounting, where estimates were created and sent using Docusign eSignature. However, while both of these tools helped hasten administrative work, Ethan recounted that it felt disjointed to go between downloading an estimate from QuickBooks, uploading it to Docusign and uploading it back to QuickBooks after a client signed it. Ethan said, “I was actively complaining to my co-manager that I wish we could just send a customer an estimate and have them click a button to say they accept. Why can't we have this Docusign functionality on these estimates?”

Fortunately, he learned about the Docusign eSignature Connector for QuickBooks Online Advanced and jumped at the chance to set it up. He was eager to ease the burden of paperwork for himself and his other manager at Composed Systems, while further enhancing the customer experience. “Part of my enthusiasm for the [Docusign eSignature] connector was that we were asking our customers to do the same thing,” said Ethan. “I hated printing, signing and scanning something and it occurred to me to think we were asking our clients to do the same thing for us.”

Since implementation, the managers at Composed System and their customers have saved a great deal of time and effort. “With the Docusign eSignature integration, the signing process for an estimate is simplified, saving us time and manual processing for each new project - while providing a statement of record in the cloud,” said Ethan. The Docusign eSignature Connector for QuickBooks Online Advanced made their administrative tasks more efficient, giving Ethan more time to focus on his passion for engineering.

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