Five Years of Docusign IMPACT

By Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Executive Director, Docusign IMPACT

We launched Docusign IMPACT in 2015, reflecting Docusign’s commitment to make our business a force for good by deploying our people, our products, and our philanthropy in communities around the world. See highlights from our work so far in this short video.

Our people: Since we launched Docusign IMPACT in 2015, Docusign employees have logged over 50,000 hours of volunteer service on company time through our volunteer time-off program—that’s over 6,000 days of service. One particular memory that makes me especially proud is the day of our IPO in 2018 when we celebrated that wonderful occasion by volunteering—a true demonstration of the company’s culture of service and community engagement.

Our products: Through our Docusign IMPACT initiative, we have made millions of dollars’ worth of in-kind product donations to thousands of nonprofits around the world, who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to make our communities stronger. These are organizations that span the spectrum of impact—like Techbridge Girls who help girls in under-served schools get access to world-class STEM education in the SF Bay Area and Seattle, and Vegan Friendly, a nonprofit that promotes the vegan lifestyle in Israel. Our Docusign Product Donation Program is available in over 200 countries and territories globally and has been especially valuable recently as important community-focused organizations move offline processes into the cloud. It makes us very proud to help in this way.

Our philanthropy: In 2018 we committed $30M to the Docusign IMPACT Foundation. This has allowed us to devote more resources to our employees’ philanthropic priorities through the Docusign IMPACT Matching Gifts Program, and to date we have made matching donations to almost 2,000 different organizations around the world. Our commitment to the Docusign IMPACT Foundation also enabled us to launch Docusign for Forests and to support the work of important organizations like Rainforest Trust, The Wilderness Society, and Greening Australia who are working to protect and preserve the world’s forests.

And while I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past five years, I am equally excited for what’s to come. In the near term, we will continue to invest in our employees’ philanthropic priorities and in our commitment to the world’s forests, priorities which will come together in early May, during our Green IMPACT Week. This will be our largest ever virtual IMPACT event for our 4,000+ employees featuring a week’s worth of sustainability-focused activities, virtual volunteering, and fundraising for environmental causes, and which will feature our most recent Docusign for Forests grantee, the Forest Stewardship Council.

At Docusign, we are guided by our belief that character is defined by action and that all of us working together will make the world better. So, here’s to the next five years of our IMPACT together!

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