A Real Estate agent once told me they use more than 10 different tools to close a deal. These tools and technology are supposed to make it easier to get deals done faster but sometimes they create double work when they don’t work together. This is a problem for many real estate professionals – but not those with RE/MAX.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms now has an exclusive integration with LeadStreet, making for a seamless transition from managing leads to closing deals. Forget re-entering the same data twice, RE/MAX agents can now easily create a Transaction Room from data in LeadStreet with just a few clicks. And fewer clicks means more time for clients, open houses, and showings.

Here’s how easy it is to have your data flow from LeadStreet to Transaction Rooms:

  • Create a Transaction Room from a Contact in LeadStreet:

  • Create a Transaction Room from a Listing in LeadStreet:

  • Create a Transaction Room with LeadStreet Data:

To learn more about the integration, read up on the release notes or contact your account manager. You can also watch a demo here.