Docusign Spotlight: Kim Peretti, Vice President, Customer Enablement

We sat down with Kim Peretti, VP of Customer Enablement, to learn more about her organization and why employees love working on her Customer Success team.

Your team is a relatively new team in the Customer Success organization and is at the forefront of how Docusign’s services get implemented by its customers. What are customers saying?

Customers love us – they love our platform. Many have used Docusign both professionally and personally across many of their biggest life moments. They are also telling us they really like the level and type of engagement we provide post-sale. Many customers have iterative processes that happen over time, and our success model supports them across their entire journey with us. 

What excites you the most about the work your team does in Customer Success and Enablement?

Each customer presents a different set of opportunities, and we get the privilege to work with them on their needs and specific use cases to help drive important business outcomes. We get great satisfaction seeing the impact the Docusign platform creates for its customers. We are helping customers transform their business processes, in some cases leading the way in transforming industries and the speed of innovation. The real estate industry is a great example of that. Because of the broad applicability of Docusign, there are many different use cases; it’s always fresh and interesting. To share another example, we are working with some customers to streamline the time it takes for them to get patients quickly into a new drug trial by automating the consent processes. It is meaningful work that matters.

What would you want people to know about the culture of your team if they are considering interviewing for an open position?

Before speaking about our team, let me first acknowledge the culture here at Docusign. It is an amazing place with extraordinary leadership and culture. Our team has a very inclusive, supportive team-focused culture. The attitude is one of community – a mentality that we are all in this together, with teams and individuals helping each other towards achieving the best result for each and every customer. We invest a lot of time and energy into the onboarding process for new employees, so they feel welcome, part of something important and bigger than themselves, confident they made a great decision to join, and empowered.

When it comes to leading the people on your team, what are some of your guiding principles?

A company’s success depends on its people. For me, leadership is about putting your people first – treating each and every person with respect, taking time to listen to what’s happening on the ground and to provide as much access, communication and transparency as possible so everyone is clear on strategy, included in the process, and contributing. This approach leads to a positive and collaborative work environment and better results.  

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