Digital Nomad Blog Series: Meet the Remote Worker

In our last installment of this series, we discussed three types of Digital Nomads: the Freelancer, the Remote Worker, and the Wanderluster.  In the next three posts, we'll be taking a more thorough look into each type of Digital Nomad, beginning with the Remote Worker. 

Meet: The Remote Worker

Definition: Works in & out of the typical office environment, as long as there’s a wifi connection. 

Location: The Office, Coffee Shops, Work Trips, etc.

Imagine a life where your office is based in New York City, but you have to travel weekly to major cities around the world. Your role is to recruit new clientele for your company. As a remote worker, your footing in a traditional office space is dependent upon your potential candidates for the week. Likely, you have a desk at your company’s brick and mortar office building. However, you only go into the office for face-to-face time with employees and crucial business meetings.

When the remote worker isn’t in the office you can find them in their home offices, coffee shops, or traveling the world for work -- always with their laptop in hand.

While internet is essential for a remote worker, a strong Wifi connection isn’t the only way they can excel in their work. The most successful recruiting remote workers would leverage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration within Docusign to source their candidates and receive necessary signatures in a timely manner.  

Docusign & Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Close recruiting deals faster and digitally
  • Signing or getting signatures on a document is simple -- the “Sign” and “Get Signatures" actions are pre-configured. This allows you to easily send or sign a document stored in Docusign for Dynamics 365 CRM, and pre-populate with appropriate recipient candidate information
  • Signed agreements are legally binding and backed by a court-admissible audit trail

Docusign & G Suite

  • Sign documents, and send documents out for signature, and take critical action from G Suite.
  • Grow your business with the only eSignature solution recommended for G Suite.

Docusign Mobile App 

  • Conduct business securely and efficiently from almost anywhere in the world, using practically any device.
  • Gain full visibility into current signature status at any time.
  • Delight your clients and customers with an easy-to-use, fully digital signing and payment experience.

Maintain success as a remote worker with the help of Docusign. Traveling in different time zones can make staying up to date with customers and employees difficult. Thanks to Docusign’s numerous features working remotely has never been easier or more efficient. Try Docusign today and enjoy thirty days free.

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