The Digital Mortgage is Within Reach. Introducing Docusign Rooms for Mortgage.

For years, the home buying process has embraced eSignature. The fast paced process, depends on an organized, straight-forward process for buyers, realtors, and brokers alike. So why do the efficiencies stop there? Why haven’t we seen the mortgage industry welcome digitization with open arms?

Well, it’s not for lack of effort. Lenders are well aware that the mortgage space is tightening. Increasingly competitive and constantly evolving, lenders see the results in their bottom line as production costs total over $8,000 per loan and closing times creep above 40 days.

These numbers are daunting and Docusign knows more than eSignature is needed to solve such a complex problem. Now, as lenders convene at MBA’s Annual Conference in D.C. this week, Docusign is proud to introduce Rooms for Mortgage to help take the mortgages digital from end-to-end. .

At MBA Annual, Docusign Rooms for Mortgage will be on display for the first time - showing that a digital destination for borrowers, lenders, and settlement is possible! This product has come to life through deep discussion and review with over 12 mortgage industry leading organizations. Now, Docusign Rooms for Mortgage has grown to be a collaborative, secure, and compliant closing platform.

Entering Beta in November, Docusign Rooms for Mortgage will support the digital closing experience as needed by your company and as is permissible by the geography. From Slim Closings to fully digital experiences, Rooms for Mortgage combines eSignature, eNotary, and eNote for a seamless and easy all in one experience.

Attending MBA Annual 2018? Stop by the Docusign booth 309 to experience Rooms for Mortgage live! Unable to attend? Reach out to your Docusign sales rep to learn more.

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