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Thread: Docusign C# SDK setting prefilled fields

Summary: The developer is trying to use the C# SDK and the pre-fill fields feature and send an envelope based on a template that includes pre-fill tabs. They are getting an error that says A Required field is incomplete. TabId: <TabIdGUID>

Answer: The term pre-fill tabs relates to a specific feature of Docusign that enables the sender to provide data in the envelope that is not tied to any recipient. This feature does not support using templates to send envelopes. You can only use this feature when sending envelopes directly, not based on a template. However, there are other ways to update information in an envelope without using pre-fill tabs. You can create regular text tabs that are read-only and cannot be modified by the recipient. You then assign them to the first recipient based on routing order. You can use the eSignature REST API to update the values of these tabs. You can find a step-by-step guide for this scenario with code examples in eight languages on the Docusign Developer Center.

Thread: How to pass phone verification in Docusign?

Summary: This developer is using Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) with the Docusign C# SDK and is attempting to use the Phone verification option for Docusign and is running into some issues.

Answer: Phone verification can be set from the API, but it does require that your developer account has the feature enabled. Once enabled, you can use the following VB.NET code with the Docusign C# SDK version 5.9 or above to get a recipient using phone verification (that can be either SMS or phone call):

Dim workflow As RecipientIdentityVerification = New RecipientIdentityVerification() With { 
  .WorkflowId = workflowId, 
  .InputOptions = New List(Of RecipientIdentityInputOption) From { 
  New RecipientIdentityInputOption With { 
    .Name = "phone_number_list", 
    .ValueType = "PhoneNumberList", 
    .PhoneNumberList = New List(Of RecipientIdentityPhoneNumber) From { 
      New RecipientIdentityPhoneNumber With { 
        .Number = phoneNumber, .CountryCode = countryAreaCode 

Tip: you can use Telerik Code Converter to convert any C# code to VB.NET code

Thread: How to obtain Access Token using production environment in Docusign?

Summary: The developer finished the go-live process with an integration using JWT Grant for authentication and is having trouble getting the integration to work in the Docusign production environment.

Answer: When using JWT Grant authentication and changing from the developer environment to the production environment, you have to do the following:

  1. Pass go-live and get approval to have your integration key (app) in production.
  2. Promote your IK to your production account.
  3. Create a new RSA key for the new IK in the production account. You cannot use the RSA key from your developer account.
  4. Change the URL for authentication from to
  5. The user ID for the user will be a different GUID; you’ll need to update.
  6. The account ID for the account will be a different GUID; you’ll need to update.

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