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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the Docusign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of February 2021. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.


Summary: The developer is trying to use the Docusign Connect webhook listener and is getting the error HTTPS_REQUIRED_FOR_CONNECT_LISTENER when attempting to make the Docusign eSignature REST API call to set the webhook (Connect).

Answer: Connect webhooks can only be used with secure SSL communication, which means the URL starts with “https”. If the URL starts with “http”, then Docusign returns an error. Docusign wants to help you secure your integrations by requiring that you send information over an encrypted web connection. Also note that the server must use a certificate that chains to a root cert in the Microsoft standard root cert list. (Self-signed certs won't work.) 

Thread: Docusign create sender view URL automatically redirects back to application

Summary: The developer is using the eSignature REST API call to generate a URL for the sender to view an envelope, but is being redirected automatically to the redirectURI that they set instead of having the option to view the envelope. 

Answer: The Create Sender View endpoint returns a URL that enables you to embed the sender view of the Docusign UI in your applications. The purpose of this method is to enable developers to embed the prepare and tagger pages of the Docusign web application in their own integration. This means that your envelope must be in Draft status. That is the only status where you are able to edit the envelope. In this case, the envelope was in Completed status and the developer was just hoping to view it. To do so, they need to use the Create Recipient View endpoint of the eSignature API. That generates a URL with the same view that recipients get when they view a completed envelope.

Thread: Docusign.eSign.Client.ApiException: Unhandled response type

Summary: The developer is using the C# eSignature SDK with .NET Framework Version 4.8 and is consistently getting an error trying to send an envelope. Here is the C# code provided by the developer:

private EnvelopeDefinition MakeEnvelope(string signerEmail, string signerName) 
    EnvelopeDefinition envelopeDefinition = new EnvelopeDefinition();     
    envelopeDefinition.EmailSubject = "Please sign this document"; 
    Signer signer1 = new Signer 
Email = signerEmail, 
 Name = signerName, 
ClientUserId = signerClientId, 
RecipientId = "1" 
Recipients recipients = new Recipients { Signers = new List<Signer> { signer1 } }; envelopeDefinition.Recipients = recipients; 
envelopeDefinition.Status = "sent"; 
return envelopeDefinition; 

Answer: The developer is missing a document in the envelope that they are creating. They have a recipient and are trying to set the status to send the envelope right away, but they need to provide a document as well. An envelope must include at least one document, at least one recipient, and an email subject before it can be sent out.

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