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Rooms API

We are extremely excited to share the November Rooms API release not only includes endpoints that enable you to create and manage form groups in Rooms for Real Estate, but also SDKs to make it even easier to start calling the Rooms API! So what can you do now?  

  • Create and manage form groups. Creating a form group is an easy way to organize forms needed for a specific type of transaction. Create a form group, add and remove forms from it, and grant specific offices access to the group. Learn more about Docusign Forms
  • Get more details about docs in a room. You can now see which documents in a room are archived so you can filter out the ones you don’t need. 
  • Start using the SDKs


Haven’t heard of Docusign Rooms yet? 

Docusign Rooms enable companies to streamline complex agreements through a secure, digital workspace that can be optimized to their specific workflow needs. You can think of a Room as a container to manage all the tasks, documents, people, and approvals involved in multistep or multiparty transactions, such as buying a house or applying for a mortgage. The Rooms API supports all Docusign Rooms products, including Rooms for Real Estate and Rooms for Mortgage

Our code launchers now support the Rooms API

Docusign has code launchers in eight different languages. These are easy-to-use, quick-to-configure web applications (those for Bash and PowerShell use a command-line interface) that make it simple to try our growing array of code examples. 

Here is how to change the settings of each of the launchers from the eSignature API to the Rooms API:

  • Bash - when the launcher is first run, you will be asked “Choose API:”;  select 2 for Rooms API.
  • C#: Change the ExampleAPI property at the end of the appsettings.json file from ESignature to Rooms.
  • Java: Change the DS_API_NAME in the application.json file to Rooms.
  • Node.js: Change the exampleAPI settings at the end of the appsettings.json file from eSignature to rooms.
  • PHP: Change the EXAMPLES_API_TYPE setting at the end of the ds_config.php file. Set 'Rooms' to True and 'ESignature' to False.
  • Python: Change the EXAMPLES_API_TYPE section of the file. Change “Rooms” to be True and “ESignature” to be False.
  • PowerShell - when the launcher is first run, you will be asked “Choose API:”; select 2 for Rooms API.
  • Ruby: Change the examples_API property in the application.yml file from eSignature to Rooms.

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