Contributed article by: Gregg Sharpe – St. Louis based real estate agent for RE/MAX Gold 

Sounds Dramatic – 30 Minutes to Close the Deal! Yet, I had a real life situation where a buyer had exactly 30 minutes to submit their offer.

Today, real estate transactions are often done on the fly.  Sometimes at the coffee shop. Other times in a restaurant. Many times in the property clients are viewing. 

This particular transaction took place during rapid fire showings for a client while in town to decide on a new place to live. The last property viewed was the one. However, he only had a 30 minute window before he had to catch his flight. 

Not to worry. DocuSign to the rescue. A quick connection to a local hot spot and I was connected to my DocuSign account. In Missouri, like most states, there are multiple documents that require, initials and signatures in multiple locations in order to obtain a completed document.  Fortunately, I had created templates for one already in my Shared Library in DocuSign. In less than 10 minutes, all documents were on their way to the client who had just cleared security and was dashing for the gate.  Arriving just in time, he boarded and took his seat.  Before the cabin door closed he viewed all documents on his smart phone, signed where indicated and confirmed his signing just a few short moments before his flight pushed back from the gate. 

Now, why all the drama? Before DocuSign I would have had to write up the contract, fax it to the client, wait for him to arrive at his destination, go to the office, sign and fax the documents back to my office or e-fax number.  It would have taken hours and in this case, possibly days. He probably would not have gotten his offer in before another buyer and potentially lost out on the only house that piqued his interest. 

Today’s digital world requires speed, efficiency and sometimes stealth. In this particular case the client was actually going to be in competition with another client interested in the same property.  The listing agent indicated the seller would consider both contracts, but only one would be first in the door while the second would be a backup.  For my client to be first in the door on such short notice with travel pressures and the like, submitting the offer was nothing short of a miracle. 

In the end, it didn’t matter. The other contract took several hours to get to the seller as the other REALTOR® had to drive back and forth to the buyer’s place of business to get wet signatures before submitting the offer. Yes, they were the backup. My client’s offer was accepted after only one counter offer and the deal was sealed before the second offer was ever submitted.

Without DocuSign who knows what would have happened. Because of the flexibility that DocuSign affords me and my clients, contracts are submitted, leases signed, and applications for rentals completed within minutes. No gas expense, no slow fax lines, no copying. When I started in the business my first contract was written on paper. I committed to it being the last.  Shortly thereafter, I signed up with DocuSign and have never looked back. Since then, 19 REALTORS® in our office have signed up and DocuSign contracts all the time.

If you are looking for a way to streamline your processes, reduce expense and seal more deals, start DocuSigning.

Gregg Sharpe writes a blog – St. Louis Premier Lofts