Docusign Spotlight: David Boisrobert, Account Executive

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We sat down with David Boisrobert, Account Executive on our Dublin Sales team, to learn more about why he decided to join Docusign and what he loves the most about his work here.

What is your role at Docusign?

I was recently promoted from Market Development Representative (MDR) to Account Executive for French-speaking accounts. I’m very excited about my new role! 

Why did you choose to work at Docusign?

I love the product. In the past I used to do a lot of paperwork, and I was frustrated to waste so much paper and waste the time preparing and sending it. I love anything that saves me time.

What motivates you in your job?

My role offers me the opportunity to be the first contact with potential customers. I always feel honored to be the face of Docusign and make a good first impression every time I pick up the phone. 

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I was surprised by the listening skills you need to have to succeed in this role. I thought I’d be talking most of the time, but it’s not really that way. My prospects share the issues they are facing, and it’s important to be an active listener because that is where the opportunity lies. Good listening skills are hard to develop, but they are very valuable and I hope they will serve me well through the rest of my career.

What are some ways you contribute to the company's vision despite being new in your career?

A big contribution of mine has been improving and disrupting the way we do prospecting today. My management team is very open to testing new ideas, and I’m always trying new approaches to help us be more agile and deliver better results. 

What sort of fun social events does the company host for employees?

We do team events and company events every month which help employees bond and get to know people from other departments. 

Interested in doing the work of your life at Docusign Dublin? Check out our openings. We’d love to talk more.

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