As a senior account executive for the broker-dealer segment of wealth management, I dedicate myself to tapping into the environment of my customers. Every day, I listen to their experiences with the evolving market.

My experience supporting broker-dealers taught me several tricks of the trade that I would be remiss not to divulge, especially in this period of transition. Digital upgrades have been introduced over the past two decades that have shifted the conversation from tried and true practices (time to retire many of those) to how to succeed with the latest innovations.

In a series of posts, I want to leverage my field experience to share industry best practices to help you jump ahead of the curve and supercharge your business forward.

The first step is a solid recruitment strategy. As an increasing number of financial advisors choose to work independently, Broker-Dealers need a persuasive package of tools to attract and retain bright talent. My key advice is to consider a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform, which in fact is synonymous to a Straight Through Process (STP). As the wealth management industry transitions to digital processes, DTM is a boon to any recruiter, as advisors will latch quickly onto the exciting opportunity of a paperless and thriving business.

Far from a trend, DTM embodies the new business reality that soothes industry pain points. As a quick primer, here are the top four reasons why you need to leverage a DTM platform in your recruitment strategy:  

Increased Compliance – With a sharp uptick in regulations, investment professionals, including broker-dealers and advisors, would be remiss to not consider that a DTM platform translates into increased compliance. I encourage highlighting such offerings to guarantee confidence of any prospective advisors.


Instant Transparency – DTM allows for clear and instant reporting that demonstrates that advisors and broker-dealers respect financial risk and exposure.


Focus on Customer Experience – As with any overly competitive market, the client’s needs are paramount. With a digitally simplified workflow and emphasis on security and compliance, an advisor would be able to better cultivate client relationships, thus generating increased revenue and satisfaction from both advisors and clients.


Increased Assets Under Management – A simplified digital workflow equals speedier document completion. Investors can quickly sign off on documents so accounts can be quickly funded.


While Digital Transaction Management offers other benefits, it is a clear advantage for any recruitment strategy. Prospective advisors would be left with the message that your firm’s adaptability and progressive outlook on business will set them up for long-term success.

I now open the floor to you. Have you managed your firm’s recruitment? What have been the key selling points in attracting top advisors? Please share your comments with the community.

Thank you for reading and until next time,

Rob Cuningham


Rob Cuningham is a senior account executive in the wealth management at DocuSign. He works directly with broker-dealers from various size firms. Connect with him on LinkedIn