Big News for the Aircraft Industry: FAA Registry Now Accepts Digital Signatures

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Registry recently announced they now accept printed duplicates of electronic documents that display legible digital signatures on documents.

What does this mean? The following documents just became far simpler to manage and approve:

  • AC Form 8050-1 Aircraft registration applications
  • AC Form 8050-2 Aircraft bills of sale
  • Security agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Trust documents

While the process of obtaining blue ink signatures was inefficient and costly for all involved (not to mention, the use of magnifying glasses for signature authentication was often required), the acceptance of digital signatures will provide a much faster and cost-effective method for obtaining registration applications, aircraft bills of sale, and more.

Curious on next steps to gaining efficiency while reducing costs?

Take a look at FAA’s digital signature requirements:

  1. Shows the name of the signer and is applied in a manner to execute or validate the document.
  2. Includes the typed or printed name of the signer below or adjacent to the signature when the signature uses a digitized or scanned version of the signer’s hand scribed signature or the name is in a cursive font.
  3. Shows the signer’s corporate, managerial, or partnership title as part of or adjacent to the digital signature when the signer is signing on behalf of an organization or legal entity.
  4. Shows evidence of authentication of the signer’s identity such as the text “digitally signed by“ along with the software provider’s seal /watermark, date and time of execution; or has an authentication code or key identifying the software provider.
  5. Has a font, size and color density that is clearly legible and reproducible when reviewed, copied and scanned into a black on white format.

Professionals in the aircraft industry can rely on Docusign to provide both the efficiency and security they need. Even better: Using Docusign automatically ensures transactions will meet all the above requirements.

Want to quit blue signatures for good and join the digital transformation? Learn how here.