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Global enterprises have saved millions of dollars by switching their legacy processes to digital. But when it comes to actual transactions, many still rely on old paper-based processes. Used throughout the Fortune 500, DocuSign solves that problem by delivering the world’s most comprehensive, global, and secure digital transaction management solution.



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  • Improve your speed to results
  • Delight your customers
  • Close deals securely from anywhere
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Choose the global standard

DocuSign is the global standard for electronic signature and digital transaction management. Employees at all of the Fortune 100 and many other large enterprises in nearly every country in the world have used DocuSign. Our intuitive, easy-to-use product is protected by unmatched security and supported by world-class customer service, a rich partner ecosystem, and an unbeatable track record of system uptime results.

global standard

save time and money

Save time and money across your enterprise

Every industry faces high printing, faxing, and overnighting costs; lack of visibility into document status; and delays from missing signatures and rekeying errors. DocuSign easily solves these problems. For example, in sales use case deployments, on average customers see an 8-day reduction in document turnaround time and a $15.68 per document savings. Eighty-six percent of documents are completed within one day—many within an hour.

Free up employee resources

When employees automate paper processes they can focus on other tasks, like closing deals. With DocuSign, they can create dynamic workflows that integrate multiple systems and businesses to get things done quickly. They can send documents in bulk and even include calculated and conditional form fields, cutting down on manual steps and repetitive actions.

free up resources

delight your customers

Delight your customers

In a business culture that’s grown to expect immediacy, DocuSign may represent the biggest improvement to customer experience of any technology today. By reducing the time and hassle to open an account and acquire your products, DocuSign delivers a "wow" factor to your customers. In the not-too-distant future, many processes will be initiated from mobile devices and digital transaction management will be considered standard protocol.

Close deals from anywhere

Traveling executives know the frustrations and delays associated with being outside the office. With DocuSign, documents can be executed securely anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With the Enterprise Edition, you can even prepare documents offline via the DocuSign mobile app and have them sync when you’re back online. The DocuSign for Good mobile app lets your employees DocuSign on the go while meeting IT’s stringent security and data standards for mobile device management (MDM).

close deals from anywhere

configure to fit your needs

Configure DocuSign to fit your needs

DocuSign for Enterprise is customizable to meet the administrative needs of the largest organizations. Full administration rights give you total control over document custody and retention policies, how signers sign or adopt signatures, user authentication and more. The branding tools ensure recipients can easily identify documents from your organization.

The highest security, legal enforceability, and compliance

DocuSign offers the strongest levels of legal enforceability in eSignature, including non-repudiation audit trail, bank-level encryption, tamper-proof certificates, chain of custody, and multi-factor authentication. In fact, it’s more legally enforceable than paper and pen. DocuSign is the only eSignature company that’s ISO 27001 certified as an information security management system (ISMS). DocuSign offers 3rd party cloud-based digital certificate and timestamping integration for companies doing business in Europe, through its partnership with OpenTrust.

highest security, enforceability and compliance

Digital signature solutions for greater industry and region-specific compliance

DocuSign’s digital signature solutions use digital certificates and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to help your global business meet region-specific requirements, such as those found in the European Union and Brazil, as well as the requirements of regulated industries around the world, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Government, and Energy and Utilities.

For customers looking for an on-premises signing solution using digital signature technology, DocuSign offers CoSign Central, the most trusted on-premises signing solution for regulated industries and markets.

DocuSign from other systems

Easily integrate DocuSign’s digital transaction management solution into your business applications with our comprehensive, transparent, and highly configurable Open eSignature framework. Extend the ability to gather, track, and collect signatures to your CRM system, or connect to leading cloud services with our out-of-the-box Connectors. You can also use our best-in-class eSignature REST API, our fully extensible SOAP API, and toolkits to integrate DocuSign into your own systems. Get up and running quickly with our developer-specific support, complete documentation, guidance, and live sample applications.

from other systems

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Note: Please consult your legal advisor if you have any question regarding the legality of eSignature.