Knowledge Market - Become a NIGO Ninja Part I

Perhaps the easiest way to think about “NIGO” – or “not-in-good-order” – is that it can be a “no-go” for successful completion of an envelope in your organization’s System of Agreement. That’s why you have to become a NIGO Ninja. In this Knowledge Market series, we’ll show you how to get there.

Essentially, NIGO (pronounced ni:go) are the errors that can creep into an agreement workflow – from incorrect data entry or incomplete fields to misinterpreting form requirements. It can lurk in lots of places in the Prepare phase of an agreement. Reducing NIGO is critical to smoothing the path to the Sign phase. A NIGO Ninja strives to thwart any threat to successful completion of an envelope when using DocuSign, a System of Agreement Platform that enables organizations to create digital workflows that accelerate how agreements are prepared, signed, enacted, and managed. Our platform means greater efficiency for your business, and an improved experience for your customers.

Part 1: Reducing NIGO in Text Fields

Building templates and tagging documents is the first step in enabling a sender to set fields in a form that will guide the signer smoothly and confidently. Reducing NIGO as you use text fields in the template building process is essential to this.

The versatility of the text field creates endless possibilities that are also its greatest flaw. Text field features that will help direct the signer to enter the correct information include Required Fields, Read Only, Add Text, Formatting, Data Label, Tooltip, Validation and Custom Validation. The combination of providing effective tooltips and limiting what the signer can enter in a field is key to reducing errors.

Ready to learn more? You can find best practices to help you achieve NIGO Ninja status with text fields in our Knowledge Market whitepaper, Part 1 of this multi-part series on keeping NIGO in check. It focuses on how senders can manipulate the text field properties to aid signers in providing properly formatted data during the Prepare phase of an organization's System of Agreement.

Next up in Part II: How DocuSign can leverage conditional logic to reduce NIGO and guide the signer to success.

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