Are you facing down a landmass of prospects with very little in the way of resources? I can relate as I once grappled with 5 million prospects while leading a team of three sales professionals. A few years later, I offer you strong words of encouragement.

My team lived to tell many tales. I wish to share the secret to baiting a sea of prospects with an ounce of overwhelmed anxiety. The answer is quite simple and already in the back of your mind. As you diligently aspire to draw in customers, realize that therein lies the opportunity.

Aspirational Thinking Leads to Opportunistic Selling

Here is the key to dominating your space: Aspire to be your customers’ most invaluable asset. Always keep in mind that no matter the size of your sales team, you’re giving your customer the opportunity to innovate their business. Instead of crunching numbers, frame this mantra in your office: investing in customer engagement will attract targeted exposure for maximum revenue. In rehashing the sentiments around harnessing a legionnaire mentality for a small troop, I reiterate the following:

The Customer is in the Driver’s Seat – When crafting a strategy, consider how you will connect with your customer. For SaaS companies, genuine engagement sets you apart as the product worthy of customers’ time.  

In fact, the founders of HootSuite recently wrote about how their commitment to customer engagement drove their revenue with minimal budget.


In keeping this at the heart of your sales strategy, you’ll find that 5 million prospects are just the starting point.  You’ll require a legion of sales professionals to tackle the fields.

This brings up another story: How to scale from three to 300. Next month, I’ll flesh out my strategies for savvy scaling to help maintain your sanity as an account director.

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