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The Time Has Come to Reinvent the Patient Experience with E-Signature

Using digitization to improve the patient experience is more than just convenient; in today’s global telehealth environment, it’s critical for organizational success. As providers modernize their processes to meet patient, clinician and staff expectations, healthcare providers who continue to hold fast to traditional administrative practices will eventually be left behind.

Healthcare organizations need to make it easy for patients to electronically sign intake and consent forms on their device when they are on the go, in a medical office or inpatient at a facility. By implementing e-signature technology beyond the Electronic Health Record (EHR), organizations can take strategic steps toward improving the patient intake and consent process. This easy-to-implement step saves patients and providers alike time and money—and reduces the burden upon staff.

This report provides benchmarks that highlight the challenges, opportunities and costs associated with improving the patient intake and consent process, including:

  • 63% of providers say their consent process contains risks as a result of poor document storage and retrieval capabilities
  • 88% of healthcare respondents say e-signature is crucial for their organization—and that number is projected to climb to 93% within the next few years

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