UPDATE:TLSv1.0 deprecation update – DocuSign Connect listeners

To remain PCI DSS compliant after June 30, 2018, all inbound and outbound DocuSign requests are required to deprecate TLS v1.0 connections along with legacy ciphers as noted in our original end of support notice.

DocuSign Connect listeners that work only with TLS v1.0 will no longer function after DocuSign’s TLSv1.0 deprecation scheduled for June 25, 2018, in our production environment and May 29, 2018, in our demo environment.

For customers using DocuSign Connect listeners, integration owners should ensure that those listeners can work with TLSv1.1 or higher to avoid any service interruptions after TLSv1.0 support ends.

For more information about DocuSign Connect, please visit the DocuSign Connect Guide here.