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DocuSign Release 1, 2023

We know that agreements are central to your organization, and your needs continue to evolve. Your customers want a great, simple, intelligent experience; employees want it too. They want to do all of their work in the applications they use every day from anywhere and they want those monotonous tasks to be automated.

To stay competitive, you must invest in technology that will give you the most impactful results for your business. We understand that, and we’re excited to be on this journey with you to reimagine your agreement workflows to be smarter, easier and more trusted for every aspect of your organization – no matter how big or small.

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Two professionals review signed job offer letter

Announcing: DocuSign Release 1, 2023

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Make your agreement workflows smarter, easier and more trusted

DocuSign is continuously bringing the best solutions to market - with a dozen applications and 750+ innovations to transform your agreements. This release, we’re launching Web Forms and announcing updates to eSignature, Identify, Notary and CLM Essentials.

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DocuSign Web Forms

Streamline data collection and accelerate signing by dynamically populating content into agreements for signature in one easy-to-use interactive experience.

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Web Form with fields for full name, email, and phone number that correspond with fields in an agreement

ID Verification for EU Qualified

ID Verification for EU Qualified is part of DocuSign ID Verification Premier, our tier of solutions that meet the highest levels of trust, security, and compliance. 

ID Verification for EU Qualified brings you AI-enabled remote identity verification that is equivalent to face-to-face identification. The result: EU Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)-compliant identification directly in eSignature, often in minutes.

Notification that a user's identity is verified on top of a video verification screen on a phone

Document Generation for eSignature

Elevate signer experience while saving time by generating personalized, professional-looking agreements directly within your eSignature sending workflow.

Job offer letter created with DocuSign Gen for eSignature.

Additional updates

  • CLM Essentials Conditional Logic

    Admins can now add conditional rules to document templates to control which parts of an agreement will be hidden, shown, or filled in with custom text based on the criteria they’ve specified.

  • EHR Interoperability for eSignature

    Improve the patient, clinician and staff experience by automating patient intake workflows in any certified EHR, including Epic and Cerner.

  • Multiple Notary Groups for Notary

    Multiple signers can now complete multiple notarizations of the same agreement but at different times.

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  • Web Forms

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