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The Agreement Cloud Expert Series: Advancing Remote Online Notarization in California

As of the date of this webinar on August 24th, 2021, thirty-nine states in the US have approved remote online notarization (RON) legislation, with California in the process of considering the same. State and federal legislators, trade associations and member organizations such as the California Land Title Association and the National Notary Association, as well as companies like DocuSign, are working to modernize notarization in California and across the country. 

This webinar highlights how RON provides secure, convenient notarial services for the digital age and outlines the benefits of this technology for consumers, notaries, businesses and state agencies. 

Specifically, you will hear from: 

  • The author of legislation in the CA State Assembly on the status of proposed RON legislation in California
  • Industry experts from the National Notary Association and the California Land Title Association on the benefits of RON in California for consumers, notaries, businesses and government agencies
  • DocuSign on how RON technologies provide a more safe, secure and convenient way to notarize documents

Featured speakers:

  • Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Sr.: California State Assemblymember
  • Bill Anderson: National Notary Association, VP of Government Affairs
  • Craig Page: California Land Title Association, Executive VP and Counsel
  • Doug Luftman: DocuSign, VP and Deputy General Counsel 
  • Cinnamon Rogers: DocuSign, Head of Global Government Affairs 
  • Andy Ambrose: Practice Lead Director

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