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Send, Sign, and Notarize Remotely with DocuSign Notary

From beneficiary changes to vehicle title transfers, notarizations are essential to many high-value transactions in the financial services and insurance industry. With security and compliance at stake, notarizations help protect the authenticity and integrity of key documents. 

Despite its prevalence and importance, the majority of today’s notarization processes are heavily paper-based and manual. This can often lead to errors, delays and is tedious for employees, customers, and notaries public alike. It’s time for a modern approach. With DocuSign Notary, financial services institutions can now remotely and electronically notarize agreements, leveraging DocuSign’s trusted eSignature platform. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how DocuSign Notary can help you securely and efficiently conduct remote online notarization transactions for your critical documents.  

In this 45-minute session, you will learn about:

  • Trends and opportunities in the notarization landscape today
  • Key business processes in financial services and insurance that are ripe for digital transformation 
  • How DocuSign Notary can help you accelerate the speed of doing business and provide a convenient signer experience while mitigating risk

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