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How Contract Analytics Help Supply Chain Continuity During Disruptions

In only the last five years, we’ve seen natural disasters, Brexit, more cybersecurity breaches, trade wars, pandemics like COVID-19 and more. The increasing frequency of disruptive global events makes it clear that responding to supply chain interruptions is a new norm of the modern business landscape. Incidents like these—often covered by force majeure clauses or materials adverse change provisions—require procurement professionals to efficiently and effectively review existing agreements, analyze provisions in real-time to evaluate the company’s exposure and determine any necessary actions. To do this, companies need to invest in contract analytics as a core competency. It allows procurement professionals to manage contracts proactively and become a strategic value driver for the business.                        

Watch this on-demand webinar and join experts from DocuSign and Seal Software to learn how to:

  • Use contract analytics to analyze a full range of procurement contract provisions in a fraction of the time of traditional manual review. 
  • Leverage AI-powered insights to facilitate triage, risk mitigation, and decision-making processes. 
  • Build a central repository of contract data to identify risks, find cost-saving opportunities and provide rapid responses to inquiries and sudden changes.

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