On-Demand Webinar

Four Strategies for Data Privacy Law Readiness

With a growing patchwork of data privacy laws worldwide—many with subtly different provisions and requirements—readiness requires a holistic approach and an adaptable set of strategies. Both B2B and B2C contract models are affected by changing requirements and expectations, and no one solution works for every business and industry. 

Join legal and data privacy experts from DocuSign and Fenwick and West for a practical discussion of compliance and consumer trust at the intersection of law and technology. 

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll address legal standards surrounding CCPA, GDPR, GLBA and more in a clear, comprehensible way, from both in-house and outside counsel perspectives. We’ll also show how solutions from the DocuSign Agreement Cloud can help you to:

  • Identify data privacy risk areas across B2B contracts 
  • Update agreements efficiently to adhere to applicable standards
  • Capture enforceable consumer consent to changing terms and conditions
  • Process Data Subject Access Requests securely and quickly

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