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Digitization Strategies for Improving your Agreement Processes

Agreements are the foundation of doing business so it is no surprise that contracts and agreement processes are a key part of most organizations’ digital transformation efforts. Many businesses have implemented electronic signature to automate one or more contract workflows such as hiring new employees or sending out sales contracts for signature. Despite these isolated digital forms in one or more departments, organizations often lack connection across silos into an integrated system of agreement.

The issue becomes more critical in light of Forrester’s Q1 2020 Global Process Automation Survey, in which over 50% of respondents stated that their goals for process improvement included either the automation of large numbers of currently manual processes, or the complete transformation of end-to-end processes to support digital transformation. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why an organization-wide, strategic approach to digital transformation is essential to achieving impactful business process automation.             

Key learnings: 

  • Learn best practices/trends for business process automation based on Forrester research
  • Describe the importance of shifting your digital transformation approach from tactical to strategic
  • Highlight the importance of a broader strategy for process automation across multiple functions within a business
  • Showcase how to move beyond e-signature to connect and automate the entire system of agreement

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