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Digital by Design – 3 Ways to Retool Your Business with Technology in 2017

Nearly 50% of business leaders fear they will become obsolete over the next several years, and nearly 80% feel threatened by digital startups. Why? New technologies and digital strategies are challenging existing business models and forcing companies of all sizes to reimagine patient care, product innovation and distribution models to remain competitive.

View this on-demand webinar hosted by PharmaVOICE to learn from Andrea Bradbury, Co-Founder and Chief Quality Officer, Suvoda Software, a leader operating at the intersection of life sciences and technology as she shares how she built her business on a digital platform to accelerate her organization’s global expansion while meeting the needs of mobile, digital customers and employees.

Topics covered include:

  • Streamlining clinical research, sales and HR processes with digital tools
  • Elevating the digital agenda at your organization
  • Scaling technologies globally
  • Applying nimble design models for life science operations
  • Implementing top life sciences trends in 2017

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