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Best Practices for SBA Lending

To help small businesses through the uncertainty, the United States signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Act, which includes $350 billion in loans for small and medium businesses. There are 30 million small businesses that need access to the resources made available in the CARES Act. Getting the approved loan funds into the hands of these business owners is a race against the clock.

As a lender to small businesses, it’s imperative to process as many requests as possible and to move as fast as possible. The unpredictable business landscape and the availability of funds ensures that the loan process will be extremely competitive, so it’s imperative to be an early mover in the filing process.

SBA loans are complex, with a series of manual steps in the standard agreement process. DocuSign helps lenders upgrade their loan process at each step of the workflow, replacing outdated workflows with an efficient, automated process. Our eSignature tools combined with features like Powerforms and KBA provide the tools to help small business lenders quickly upgrade their infrastructure, allowing them to complete loan paperwork faster and easier.

In this recording, you will hear from DocuSign experts, as well as see a live demo on how you can:

  • Remotely identify customer identity
  • Accelerate lending by capturing data and consent digitally
  • Comply with key SBA lending requirements

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