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Automate Processes and Go Digital - Sales Stack Seminar Series with DocuSign

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Nancy Nardin, founder at Smart Selling Tools, Valerie Kuklenski, Senior Legal Contracts Manager at BlackLine, and Ryan Vandersloot, Account Executive at DocuSign, on how sales organizations are shortening their sales cycles and increasing ROI by reducing paper waste and going completely digital with DocuSign’s eSignature solution.

In this webinar, Nancy, Valerie, and Ryan discuss various paper pain processes that sales organizations experience on a daily basis and how a fully digital solution can ease your workflow. For example, there’s more to just signing a contract and closing the deal.

NDAs and other miscellaneous forms and agreements are also involved in the process whether working with a prospect or a customer. Companies like Salesforce, Comcast, and Virgin Holidays have seen reduced turnaround time, more accurate data and better visibility into their business by going fully digital.

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