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Automate Key Reimbursement and Onboarding Processes to Accelerate Productivity

In today’s digital world, long patient and staffing onboarding times can mean wasted time, errors, and denied reimbursement claims.

If you’re a home health agency (HHA), the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and its January 1, 2020 deadline have probably been keeping you up at night. With constantly changing regulations, including the proposed New York bill to ban 24-hour workdays for home health aides, it’s more important than ever for HHA’s to digitize their reimbursement and onboarding processes. Managing complex agreements in a HIPPA secure, digital and compliant fashion gains patient’s trust and enables HHAs to meet government regulations while growing revenues. Even today, most agencies are struggling to simplify the processes, minimize costs and mitigate regulation risks.

The impact of antiquated systems and processes can be felt in various areas ranging from denied claims and poor employee experiences. The high staff turnover combined with staff having to manually re-type in 40-pages of patient onboarding forms has cast a heavy burden on employee productivity.

Digital agreements help HHAs to deliver the seamless, digital, secure experiences that patients expect. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can:

●Turn paper into digital data related to patient consent and intake forms 
●Digitize your revenue cycle management process
●Automate key workflows related to patient and employee onboarding

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