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Customer Support Description

Appendix revision date: March 1, 2018.


"Contact" means any natural person who owns an account on the Customer Service Support Portal for submitting a Service Request for the Customer.

“Corrective Maintenance” means a task performed to identify, isolate, and rectify a malfunction so that the failed service can be restored to an operational condition within the tolerances or limits established for in-service operations.

“DocuSign” means DocuSign France.

“Fix” means software that is implemented for correcting the effect of an Incident.

“Incident” means a reproducible and repetitive malfunction encountered under normal conditions of use of the Service that has a material adverse impact on the use of the Service by a Customer or User. Periods of Service unavailability related to DocuSign France planned maintenance actions shall not be considered Incidents.

“Service Requests” means any question or request for service that the Customer may submit to DocuSign Customer Service.

“Support Portal” means the portal web page(s) maintained by DocuSign to receive Service Requests from Customer.

“Workaround Solution” means a response to an Incident that does not directly address the underlying problem, but causes its material adverse impact to cease.

Capitalized terms not defined in this document shall have the meaning given them in other portions of the Agreement (e.g. Service Schedule, appropriate Service Description or appropriate GTU).

2.   Scope and Operating Mode of Customer Services

2.1  Customer Responsibilities. Customer shall provide Users with Level 1 Support. No User shall be allowed access to DocuSign Customer Service. With the explicit agreement of DocuSign France, the Customer may designate one or more substitute contact persons, whose number shall not exceed three per Customer, and who shall replace the primary point of contact (“Primary Contact”) (typically the Central DRA Operator) when the Central DRA Operator is unavailable. The Primary Contact person shall aggregate and review Service Requests and forward to DocuSign France only those Service Requests that are DocuSign France’s responsibility as described herein.

2.2  DocuSign Responsibilities. DocuSign shall respond to Service Requests as described herein.

DocuSign Customer Service shall be accessible only to the DRA Central Operator(s) expressly designated within this Contract or later using a dedicated designation form.

2.3  Basic Support Details. The contact details of DocuSign Customer Service are as follows:


Support Portal:

Telephone number: +33 (0)1 73 05 29 99

Hours of Operations: DocuSign Customer Service hours of operation shall be from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., France time (CET), business days only, excluding legal bank holidays.

DocuSign France Support Response Language: DocuSign Customer Support can manage Service Requests in French and English.

2.4  Support Portal Capabilities.

The Support Portal shall enable registered users (maximum four per Customer) to submit and update requests and to view the history of exchanges for each Incident. Each request filed in the Support Portal shall be a “Service Request” and a unique number shall be assigned to it. While generating a Service Request, Customer shall provide a detailed description, including a report on the circumstances of its occurrence, such as the date and time of occurrence, its frequency of reproducibility, and any other information that may assist DocuSign in analyzing, diagnosing, and processing the Service Request, such as environment, logs, screenshots, trademark, and version of the Internet browser used, computer and operating software used etc.

Service Requests may be created only via the Support Portal. All Service Requests must therefore be entered by the DRA Central Operator via the Support Portal made available to him/her. No processing shall take place upon a simple request via email or telephone.

DocuSign France may not address an Incident unless and until Customer creates a Service Request as described above.

2.5  General Processing of Service Requests.

DocuSign France, in its sole discretion, may determine whether a Service Request is an Incident and whether Corrective Maintenance is required. As a general matter, Corrective Maintenance will be initiated only for Incidents (program interruption, program error, application error, memory violation, etc.), provided that they are documented by the Customer and duly reported following the procedure described in this section.

The following events are not Incidents and shall not result in Corrective Maintenance:

  • Unavailability periods related to planned maintenance actions;

  • Issues resulting from a use of the Service that is not compliant with the associated operational documentation, or DocuSign France instructions or, where applicable, the training provided by DocuSign France;

  • Issues resulting from changes to all or part of the Customer’s hardware, basic software, or operating system that causes them to become incompatible with the Service or with the software composing the DocuSign France Service;

  • Issues resulting from malfunctions (e.g. breakdown, error, incompatibility etc.) of the Customer’s hardware and software, and of their environment.

DocuSign France shall process an Incident based on the following information:

  • All messages and documents with reported Incident codes or error messages;

  • The Customer’s description of the Incident;

  • Description of context (conditions of occurrence, actions taken etc.).

Customer shall assist DocuSign with resolving Incidents, including prompt replies to questions and requests for information, and shall maintain an environment that complies with the technical prerequisites of the Service. A failure to observe these requirements shall relieve DocuSign of its customer support obligations.

Upon receipt of a Service Request, DocuSign France shall review the Service Request and confirm it as an Incident or not. If DocuSign France cannot reproduce the Incident, DocuSign France shall notify the Customer. Customer shall assist DocuSign France in reproducing the Incident and identifying its root cause, and shall, for this purpose, communicate all useful information in its possession. When the Incident is reproduced, DocuSign France shall mobilize resources to diagnose the root causes of the Incident and determine appropriate Corrective Maintenance. If DocuSign’s Corrective Maintenance does not adequately address an Incident, DocuSign may develop a Workaround Solution.

A Service Request’s priority order shall depend on the priority the Customer indicates in the Service Request description when opening the Service Request using the Support Portal and whether or not the request is confirmed as an Incident. DocuSign France may, after reproducing the Incident or at the end of the diagnosis process, assign a different priority. DocuSign France shall notify the Customer thereof using the Support Portal in the Service Request response, and this new priority shall apply automatically, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

Following diagnosis, DocuSign France shall inform the Customer of the estimated time until a Fix or, if applicable, a Workaround Solution is made available. DocuSign France shall close the Service Request after providing the Fix or Workaround Solution.