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DocuSign + ServiceNow

Streamline and automate workflows with ease

Drive collaboration and increase efficiency within one single platform

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Woman working on tablet sending a comment saying the revisions are approved.
Docusign and ServiceNow integration UI

Get more value from Docusign and ServiceNow

Easily streamline and automate your agreement workflows with Docusign’s partnership with ServiceNow. Save time, reduce errors and boost collaboration—all within one unified experience platform.

Drive consistency and increase user productivity for human resources, IT service management, customer service, service catalog, IT security, procurement and more with Docusign and ServiceNow.

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How does the DocuSign and ServiceNow eSignature integration work?

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Man on computer with email notifications showing that Maria Silva would like him to sign an employment offer letter, followed by other notifications

How the DocuSign and ServiceNow integrations can help your organization

  • Enhance your customers’ experience

    Improve your customer service to drive retention. Automate processes from the front office to the back by generating, negotiating, redlining and signing electronically within ServiceNow.

  • Create a superior employee experience

    Prepare, manage and track HR agreements across the employee lifecycle with DocuSign eSignature. Allow your employees to do their jobs more efficiently by enabling them to send offer letters, I-9 forms, compensation changes and more for electronic signature.

  • Automate complex processes

    Save time, support your compliance obligations and gain real-time visibility into critical agreement processes. Improve your processes that often require manual work, such as requirements sign-offs, asset tracking and change requests.

  • Secure critical documents and speed up approvals

    Streamline the submission and negotiation of legal contracts—including NDAs, sales contracts and vendor contracts—from review through approval by legal departments.

Simplify your agreement sending process with the DocuSign eSignature Spoke

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Stefan Josephson, Senior Manager of IT Application Development, United Airlines

The transition from ServiceNow to DocuSign is seamless. From the employee’s perspective, it looks and feels like everything is happening in our Help Hub portal.

Stefan Josephson
Senior Manager of IT Application Development, United Airlines

United Airlines efficiently got onboarding and fingerprint authorization forms signed, returned to the proper team and securely stored.

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How you can use the ServiceNow and DocuSign integrations

  • DocuSign eSignature Spoke

    Automate the process of sending documents to individuals for eSignature with one single platform. Optimize IT, employee and customer workflows through intelligent automation of the agreement process.

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  • DocuSign eSignature + ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

    Enable HR systems to request electronic signatures through the DocuSign integration and boost productivity and operational efficiency with a unified employee experience platform.

  • Securely complete your legal forms and streamline the review process. Eliminate silos and manual steps and help reduce risk while increasing productivity.

  • DocuSign eSignature + ServiceNow through eSignifi by General Networks

    Keep DocuSign eSignature workflows in ServiceNow without having to leave the system. Use eSignifi to streamline business processes in any ServiceNow module.

  • DocuSign CLM Spoke for ServiceNow

    Streamline business processes by easily and securely passing data and documents to and from ServiceNow and CLM. Increase efficiency and receive automatic in-flight status updates and audit history.

  • DocuSign eSignature + ServiceNow Financial Services Operations

    Banks can easily speed agreement completion with secure, paperless processes. Enable collaboration and convenient access from anywhere.

DocuSign + ServiceNow guides and resources

  • How to Use DocuSign for ServiceNow

Ready to start streamlining and automating your workflows with DocuSign and ServiceNow?

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