Improving Government CX with DocuSign, ServiceNow and Deloitte

With an expanded focus on creating better customer experiences, now is the time for federal agencies to bring customer satisfaction truly into the forefront.

Driven by the Executive Order (EO) on CX and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) encouraging agencies to reduce the burden of information collection on the public when applying for federal services, agencies are codifying the changes needed to bring seamless customer experiences to the government permanently.

Carahsoft recently hosted a webinar where DocuSign, ServiceNow, and Deloitte Consulting highlighted how the government can improve CX by streamlining workflows and digitizing paper-based processes. The webinar also highlighted a federal agency case study, which can serve as a blueprint for any other agency looking to enhance their CX capabilities.

The DocuSign and ServiceNow integration

For federal agencies that are using ServiceNow to enhance collaboration across various  departments, the DocuSign eSignature Spoke for ServiceNow integration automates the process of sending documents for eSignature by leveraging one single platform.

When a request is made that requires an electronic signature, ServiceNow automatically sends the request, and securely shares the data through the DocuSign integration. The DocuSign eSignature and ServiceNow integration allows agencies to facilitate departmental collaboration, consolidate processes, enhance oversight, streamline workflows, boost employee productivity, and keep documents and data secure.

For example, documents can be completed quickly and easily from any device, and then immediately signed electronically. With regards to constituents and employees, the simple, step-by-step manner of collecting all the necessary information, eliminates friction and delivers an equitable and accessible experience.

With regards to constituents and employees, this simplifies the process in a simple step-by-step manner by collecting all of the necessary information with zero friction.

Thanks to this “better together” integration, agencies can further streamline any capability – whether to meet the needs of citizens, constituents or employees that will ultimately drive a better experience.

Streamlined user access for employee onboarding

One federal agency was faced with the challenge of dealing with cumbersome manual processes for its employee onboarding processes. To get an employee onboarded  required multiple emails with various managers and stakeholders, which resulted in wasted time, potential errors and less transparency regarding the overall process.

The agency brought in Deloitte to lead the migration of their enterprise applications to the cloud and implement ServiceNow accelerators to improve multiple department processes, including employee onboarding. During the implementation Deloitte and ServiceNow noticed an opportunity to improve the user access request process with DocuSign.

Leveraging the ServiceNow and DocuSign eSignature integration, the agency was able to streamline the full end-to-end process. These steps included initiators submitting user access requests via a ServiceNow portal. Approvers then sign-off using DocuSign with an email being sent to the approvers. From there, the fulfillment process is automated and completed through ServiceNow.

As a result of this effort, there was a 62% reduction in cycle time for providing access to agency enterprise resources. In addition, it removed the need for standalone spreadsheets and data entry in multiple systems. It also ensured compliance with the OMB ZeroTrust Strategy EO 14028.

These capabilities can be extended beyond employee onboarding to rapidly streamline user account requests to provide citizen services faster and more effectively. The combined DocuSign and ServiceNow solution is ideal for virtually any agency that is dealing with processes that require manual forms and signature verification.

The webinar also referenced several additional use cases that DocuSign and ServiceNow technology can address, which included licensing and permitting, requests for use of public lands by businesses, as well as large capital funding requests.

In addition to the DocuSign eSignature Spoke for ServiceNow, the DocuSign team announced during the webinar that the DocuSign CLM Spoke for ServiceNow is now available to our Federal customers. This enables a seamless integration across DocuSign CLM (including FEDRAMP) and ServiceNow. To learn more about the solution interested parties can reach out to  

Bringing government CX capabilities to life may seem challenging. However, by optimizing all workflows and digitizing paper-based processes, it is possible to modernize government in ways that meet the needs of citizens, constituents and employees. 

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