Advantages of digital signatures

The world has embraced electronic signatures as a business solution. However, many industries and regions have requirements for signing that are best met by adopting local standards based on digital signature—an electronic signature technology that is based on open standards including the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard.

DocuSign’s digital signature solutions can help you to meet region-specific requirements, such as those found in the European Union, as well as the requirements of regulated industries around the world, such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, Government, Energy, and Utilities.




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Digital signature benefits


Standards-based electronic signing

Digital signatures use PKI, a broadly accepted technology standard that incorporates encryption technology as part of the signing process. Digitally signing your organization’s documents through DocuSign ensures that the documents are sealed against tampering and that they can be verified by any digital-signature-enabled application. In addition to PKI, DocuSign's digital signature solutions incorporate open signature standards for PDF, and electronic signature standards from ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute), Common Criteria, and ICP-Brasil (the government-managed Brazilian standard).




Trusted across regions and industries

eSignatures are widely accepted as a legal and binding method of signing documents. In regions such as continental Europe, Latin America, and Asia, digital signature technology is often the preferred and trusted eSignature technology for electronically signing documents. Using a DocuSign digital signature solution in these regions and industries can lead to faster adoption and acceptance by your partners and customers.




Compliance with regulations

Certain regulated industries and regions (such as the European Union and Brazil), have defined regulatory requirements based on digital signatures, and companies operating in those industries have widely adopted solutions that rely on digital signature technology from DocuSign and our partners. In addition, some countries regulators have a preference for digital signature-based solutions that involve a locally approved Certificate Authority (e.g. Brazil and countries in the EU). DocuSign’s digital signature-based solutions, including DocuSign Signature Appliance and DocuSign with OpenTrust Digital Signatures, are designed to meet the compliance demands of local customers and regulators.



Use Cases

European Union

  • eIDAS-compliant Advanced electronic signatures
  • eIDAS-compliant Qualified electronic signatures

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Life Sciences

  • FDA/AMA and EMA-regulated processes (CFR 21 Part 11)
  • Clinical research portals
  • Manufacturing quality management

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Government & Public Sector

  • Court case evidence
  • Evidence archiving
  • Engineering process documentation

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  • Engineering change process and approvals
  • Documents requiring professional engineering seals


  • Document sealing and timestamping for e-archiving
  • Hospital medical records, evidence and documentation



DocuSign digital signature technology solutions

DocuSign provides an industry-leading choice of local, cloud and smartcard-based digital signature solutions, all based on broadly accepted standards and designed to meet regulatory or legal compliance, as well as their proven track record of acceptance.



Locally managed digital signatures

Manage digital certificates yourself in your own data center, behind your firewall with DocuSign Signature Appliance. Ideal for highly regulated industries, Certified for Common Criteria and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) security standards for use in e-signature.


Third-Party cloud-based digital signatures

Sign with region or industry-specific certificates, including OpenTrust (an independently accredited E.U.-based digital signature provider certified against key ETSI e-signature standards) and SAFE-BioPharma (approved for use complying with FDA or EMA regulated processes).


DocuSign digital signature

Let DocuSign act as the Certificate Authority with the DocuSign Express Digital Signature. Ensures instant PKI standard and X.509-compliant digital signatures for any DocuSign transaction.


Card/token-based digital signatures

Sign with existing physical or software-based certificates in the possession of your signers, including smartcard-based National ID’s and employee badges, qualified certificates like ICP-Brasil and more.



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