Women in Tech at Docusign: Madhu R.

Our “Women in Tech” blog series places the spotlight on female employees in tech jobs who tell us about why they decided to start a career in software engineering, what they do at Docusign, who their role models are and more. At Docusign, we believe in the next generation of female leaders in technology and want to help them get on the right career trajectory. This week we sat down with Madhu in Product Engineering based in San Francisco to learn more about her career.

What is your current role at Docusign and what do you actually do day-to-day in that role?

I am a Senior Engineering Manager. I start my day with morning scrums  (which are status meetings to discuss what we did yesterday and what we will focus on today) and work with the team to design, develop and deliver products.

What did your kids or friends and family think you do?

My son thinks I write lot of stories sitting on a computer. :)

When did you choose to work in technology and why?

My first degree is in Electronics and Communications. When I started doing 8086 microprocessor programming, I was amazed how we write an instruction set once which can be used multiple times to drive output. So I decided to study post-graduation in Computer Science and got attached to programming.

What excites you most about working at Docusign and why?

Technology solves problems and makes everyone’s life easy, and it’s fascinating and rewarding. I love the power of our product. You can sign documents anywhere, any time – even if there is no internet connection. Everybody travels so much these days that this is really powerful. We all save so much time and are able to keep projects moving forward with Docusign. As a Product Engineer it is great to work on a product that makes such a visible difference in people’s lives.

As a woman in tech, do you have any role models in technology that you look up to? Who are they and why do you look up to them?

I admire Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership style and learned a lot from her personal experiences that she shared in her book -- Lean In – and also how her experiences helped her become more resilient.

What advice would you give women who might be considering a career in technology?

Have confidence. Know you are as qualified as anyone and can make an impact.

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