With Expanded ServiceNow and Docusign Collaboration, HR Just Got Easier to Manage

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent increasingly hinges on providing a seamless, digital employee experience. People—whether a candidate, a new hire, or a veteran employee—don’t want to waste time chasing HR paperwork and forms.

And the same goes for a company’s HR staff. According to HR Daily Advisor research, 62% of HR pros said that inefficient document management results in lost productivity and limits the time available for more strategic tasks.

Companies can use the ServiceNow® platform and Docusign to help improve employee experience and eliminate the hassles of outdated, manual HR processes. An expanded collaboration between the companies—which adds a self-service Docusign Spoke, or integration, to ServiceNow HR Service Delivery—makes it easier for HR professionals to prepare, manage, and track HR agreements across the employee lifecycle. This integration  will allow ServiceNow customers to send offer letters and other HR agreements (I-9 forms, NDAs, and more) for signature with Docusign eSignature, saving time, reducing costs, and delivering a better experience for employees.

The integration is now available to all HR Service Delivery customers.


How it works


The new ServiceNow and Docusign integration works directly within ServiceNow IntegrationHub to automatically—and securely—share data between ServiceNow, Docusign, and the Human Capital Management (HCM) systems that many HR teams rely on.

Docusign is among the first companies to get a plug-and-play spoke within ServiceNow’s Integration Hub, a result of the critical role that digital agreements play in business success today.

With the new Docusign Spoke, candidates, employees, and HR staff can easily share and update HR agreements and sign documents electronically—all within ServiceNow.


New features, simple rollout


The new Docusign for HR Spoke joins other ServiceNow integration offerings, including an eSignifi-powered integration and an existing Docusign Spoke. The new spoke allows HR to be up and running without custom development work required.




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The new Docusign for HR Spoke is available now via ServiceNow’s Integration Hub to all ServiceNow for HR customers. Click here to learn more or email servicenow@docusign.com. Or, visit the ServiceNow Store to up the new Docusign Spoke today.

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