Introducing WhatsApp Delivery for Docusign eSignature

Beginning today, WhatsApp Delivery is now available for Docusign eSignature — allowing users to complete agreements faster by using the world’s most popular messaging platform. The Docusign eSignature integration of WhatsApp sends users real-time notifications that link directly to agreements and enable quick, secure signing.

Consumers worldwide increasingly rely on their mobile devices for both personal and business communication. As consumer habits shift, speed and convenience is more important than ever before. To meet customers where they are, you and your business have to invest in modern, flexible solutions that expedite transactions and give signers choice in how they receive information and sign contracts.

WhatsApp Delivery offers you and your customers a host of benefits: 

  • Faster transaction speeds: Deliver real-time notifications to your signer’s mobile devices with a direct link to complete a document. In comparative analysis, agreements delivered via WhatsApp are signed nearly 7x faster than those sent via email.
  • Expanded reach: With 2 billion users in more than 180 countries, the addition of WhatsApp broadens your reach — allowing you to use Docusign to connect with nearly any signer using the mobile messaging platform.
  • Enhanced user experience: By offering another mobile-friendly method to process agreements, we’re giving users more choice and flexibility. Embedding alerts natively into the messaging application makes the signing process more convenient than ever.
  • Prioritized privacy: Docusign protects highly confidential information by encrypting and making every document tamper-evident. WhatsApp’s leading privacy features provide additional reliability, ensuring notifications are always delivered securely.

Do business faster by meeting signers where they are

With the ability to choose agreement delivery via WhatsApp, SMS or email, Docusign lets you tailor your offerings to suit the preferences of your customers across a variety of agreement types for various industries including: 

  • Banking: account openings, loan applications
  • Insurance: policy renewals, call center communications
  • Healthcare: patient intake forms
  • Legal: reaching individuals around mass tort or class action law
  • Retail: contactless agreements at point of sale

Docusign customers in an early access program raved about their WhatsApp signing experiences:

“WhatsApp is a tool that everyone uses and has a huge reach among our audience, even surpassing email. The solution [from Docusign] brought a lot of agility, increased our reach, accelerated credit operations and consequently revenue generation.” - Credit Supervisor, Financial Institution

To learn more about how you can use WhatsApp, see our support page.

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Mangesh Bhandarkar
GVP, Product Management