Streamline Insurance Processes with Docusign and Unqork

Many insurance carriers struggle with separate, disconnected systems, siloed and untrustworthy data, and outdated UIs that lack expected automation. It often takes carriers 18-24 months to launch new products which can lead to slow quote turnaround times. Outdated underwriting solutions leave customers and brokers with a poor customer experience and detract from underwriters’ core value: to identify, structure, price and negotiate the best policies. Most insurance carriers realize these legacy systems are obstacles to progress. According to Deloitte, 95% of the carriers surveyed are already accelerating or looking to speed up digital transformation to maintain resilience.

Realizing the need to accelerate these digital transformation initiatives, Docusign has partnered with Unqork to help carriers streamline workflows, support compliance obligations, reduce risk and enable instant sharing of documents. Automating creation of quote, binder and policy documents not only speeds up the policy sales cycle, but also helps agents and brokers to stay nimble and productive. 

With this seamless integration, carriers can expand their capabilities to digitize document creation, gather signatures, digitally verify customer identity and deliver mobile customer experiences.

Unlike other low code/no code vendors, Unqork offers codeless architecture enabling complex functionality across the technology stack. Unqork is highly flexible and offers enterprise-grade security. With Unqork’s P&C Product Launcher solution, carriers no longer need to choose between an internal custom build or inflexible off-the-shelf point solution - they can develop and launch customized products in as little as 12 weeks using Unqork’s enterprise no-code platform.

The Docusign eSignature and Unqork integration allows carriers to take a modular approach to transformation—there’s no need to rip-and-replace your entire technology stack.  Unqork’s P&C Product Launcher solution seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and databases. Transform and accelerate your underwriting process from intake to bind by combining a product manager, broker/customer portal and underwriter workbench in one integrated platform. 

Increasing underwriting capacity through automation

A top-20 property and casualty carrier was looking to reimagine its expensive, high-touch process to accelerate turnaround times, increase underwriter productivity and improve broker transparency. Seeking to create a richer underwriting experience and digitize intake through bind operations, the firm used Unqork to develop an end-to-end digital solution for one of its business units. By integrating the solution with Docusign eSignature, the company was able to streamline onboarding and improve productivity. Here is a snapshot of the results realized:

  • 14 weeks to go from idea to production for ten business lines
  • 80% decrease in development resources compared to traditional development approaches
  • 12 Integrations across third-party and internal systems

Increasing Underwriting Capacity Through Automating the Bind Process

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