Dreamforce: Your Comprehensive Checklist for the 2017 Event

One of our annual Dreamforce traditions is putting together a checklist attendees can use to get the very most out of #DF17.  From the most basic of physical possessions to less obvious agenda planning tricks, here are our recommendations.

The Virtual

Agenda Builder: If you’re looking to fine-tune your Dreamforce session schedule try Salesforce Einstein. While there are more than 2,700 sessions to choose from, this tool draws from historical Dreamforce data and provides customized suggestions for sessions based on your unique interests and goals.

Salesforce Events App: Before making your way to #DF17, be sure to download the Salesforce Events app. This free tool provides a comprehensive overview of Dreamforce, including session filters to help you pinpoint the right content for your goals, session details + map and walking directions, and the ability to share sessions with others.

Business cards: Technically we shouldn’t be condoning the use of paper, but considering what a good networking opportunity Dreamforce is, we’ll make an exception for the traditional business card. That said -- while paper business cards are okay, virtual ones are even better:Try bVcard, which allows you to create a downloadable, shareable business card in minutes.

The Physical

Take Charge: We’ve all been there: Your device’s battery is rapidly dwindling with no charger in sight. Anyone who has been to Dreamforce knows outlets get snapped up pretty quickly -- so we recommend bringing at least one external charger.

Party garb: It may be business during the day, but with the vast array of #DF17 soirees to hit, we recommend bringing your best party outfits.

Water bottle: Networking, learning, imagining, inspiring, and hitting session after session is hard work -- Remember to stay hydrated! There are water stations throughout #DF17 so you can stay hydrated while feeling good about your carbon footprint.

Umbrella & layers: We’re officially in the midst of Autumn -- which means if you’re in San Francisco, prepare in advance for rain and overcast.

Drones and prizes and swag, oh my: Looking to pick up some really, really ridiculously good-looking swag at Dreamforce? Swing by our booth and you just may.

Everything else  

Regarding our official #DF17 Dreamforce soiree: We have to remain mum on the details for now -- but promise it’s going to be good.

If you’re the work hard/play hard type, there are plenty of events to fill your schedule during #DF17. From brunches to happy hours to cocktail parties, you can view the full list here.

On that note -- let’s make it the best-ever Dreamforce. See you November 6!

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