Ready to modernize your system of agreement?

By Lisa Predovich, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning Services, Docusign

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Agreements are everywhere. They are the foundation of doing business. Yet in most cases, that foundation involves a mess of manual processes and office technologies like printing, scanning, emailing and faxing—and it’s not consistent from department to department. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to modernize your organization’s system of agreement.

So, what exactly is a system of agreement? It’s the collection of technologies and processes that a company uses for preparing, signing, acting on and managing agreements.

We recently launched the Docusign Agreement Cloud to help organizations automate and connect the entire agreement process – allowing business to be done faster, with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Experience the benefits of modernizing your system of agreement

Digitizing your system of agreement doesn’t just make for less paperwork. When you modernize your processes, you also:

  • Increase efficiency. Agreements can be turned around in minutes or hours – not days or weeks.
  • Save money. Automation can save significant costs compared to the manual equivalent; imagine eliminating printing / postage costs and improving employee productivity.
  • Enhance customer and employee satisfaction. The speed and simplicity of on-demand services is an expectation across industries; a modern system of agreement meets this expectation.
  • Decrease risk. Unifying and standardizing agreement processes lowers the risk of lost or wrongly executed agreements and can help increase compliance.

Learn to accelerate your agreements

Don’t let the word “transformation” scare you; Docusign University training courses can help you get started. The How to Accelerate Agreements course provides the foundational knowledge you need to begin transforming your agreements with Docusign. You’ll learn how to modernize and accelerate your system of agreement using program-specific tools, strategies, and resources.

This course is led by an experienced Docusign University trainer, who engages learners in focused discussions and practical hands-on activities, answering your questions throughout.

Key topics covered in the course include how to:

  • Discover, map, and gather information to identify the agreement processes most in need of updates.
  • Transition from legacy (paper) to a modern (digital) system of agreement.
  • Analyze the cost of manual processes, prioritizing workflows with the highest potential return on investment.
  • Build project deployment plans to modernize your system of agreement.
  • Leverage initial successes and proven strategies for accelerating your Docusign implementation.

Modernization is key to company growth

Organizations that prioritize automation will be a step ahead of competitors. The How to Accelerate Agreements course will provide actionable steps to evaluate, improve and modernize your system of agreement.

Upcoming courses are delivered over two virtual sessions.

  • July 9 & 10
  • August 5 & 6
  • September 9 & 10
  • October 7 & 8

To register, email or login into Docusign University and search for How to Accelerate Agreements (virtual classroom).

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