Protect Sensitive Tax Documents with Digital ID Verification

Ensuring that your clients’ information is safe and secure is a critical priority, particularly when dealing with sensitive tax documents. As more and more tax-related processes are conducted electronically, accounting firms need to bring assurance to clients that their information is secure while also complying with IRS regulatory mandates.

Whether it is for e-File signature authorizations or engagement agreements, tax and accounting firm employees need to be confident that their client’s sensitive documents are being accessed by the correct people. Consequently, firms must find digital solutions to help streamline the identity verification process of their electronic filings. These solutions will not only bring assurance to their clients, but will also help firms meet regulatory requirements. 

How ID verification is used in tax and accounting services

e-File Signature Authorizations

When it comes to electronic tax filings, the IRS has put requirements in place to protect the identity and information of the taxpayer. For example, in order to digitally sign IRS forms 8878 or 8879, electronic signatures must be accompanied by an identity verification method, specifically knowledge-based authentication. As a result, firms need solutions for their electronic document filing to ensure that their clients’ remote signatures comply with IRS standards.

Docusign ID Verification + eSignature offers an integrated solution that enables firms to leverage the same vendor for their identity verification requirements as well as their electronic agreements, streamlining the entire signing process. Additionally, verification status is recorded with each eSignature Certificate of Completion, helping firms maintain records for audit purposes. This is just one example of how Docusign helps to alleviate the regulatory burden on firms and how Docusign continuously strives to set industry best practices for trust and compliance

Why tax and accounting firms are adopting ID Verification 

Docusign ID Verification, an identity proofing solution in Docusign’s portfolio of enhanced identification products, seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and offers ID document verification, knowledge-based authentication, and bank login methods. This solution will not only help firms meet regulatory mandates and protect client information, but also will enable employees to focus on the other value-add services they provide to their clients. Using Docusign ID Verification, tax and accounting firms can:

  • Stay in compliance with IRS mandates: With Docusign ID Verification, firms can be confident that their clients’ electronic signatures are IRS-compliant
  • Build trust and improve the client experience: By enabling a digital workflow, tax professionals can improve their clients’ electronic filing experience while bringing assurance that their clients’ sensitive information is safe

How Docusign ID Verification works

Watch the video below to see how easy and streamlined ID Verification is for signers.

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