Practical Tools to Help You Plan and Execute Your Digital Transformation

One thing we’ve been hearing from customers is that they want help accelerating use of their Docusign solutions.  That’s initially why we created the Knowledge Market, a site dedicated to harnessing the best practices demonstrated by our teams and most successful customers, and focused on helping all customers achieve faster user adoption and greater value.

Increasingly, our customers are thinking bigger and asking us to help them imagine what is possible by going digital.  Whether you are big or small, a digital transformation can mean that you move faster, reduce costs from your business, and deliver more compelling customer experiences.  The journey often starts by exploring how you can evolve your most critical documents and processes from paper-based to digital.

Docusign has worked with hundreds of customers to help them achieve their digital transformation objectives. As we did when we first launched the Knowledge Market, we documented what we see working well so that we can share those insights and others can learn from our experiences.  That has led us to create three new tools to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

The DTM Assessment Toolkit helps you and your organization get started on your digital journey, including tools and templates that help you identify, measure and prioritize business processes (we call them use cases) that are strong candidates for digitization.

The Success Plan Toolkit enables you to perform a self-audit of your digital transformation program health.  After completing the assessment, we provide targeted guidance on your governance structure, resource allocations, communication plan, enablement strategy, and support model to ensure you see successful outcomes.

The Solution Design Workbook provides a guided approach to learning about, selecting and documenting key characteristics of a Docusign project.  It is based on Docusign Services’ best practices and focuses on elements that are most commonly used.  It can also help you anticipate future challenges when considered early in the process.

You can find these tools and a whole lot more on our Knowledge Market, THE place to go to learn Docusign adoption best practices.

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