Docusign Piloting Future of Smart Agreements with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI

Today Docusign and Google Cloud demonstrated a vision for the next generation of agreement management. At Google Cloud Next, Docusign showed how Vertex AI could be used to help power a smart contract assistant that can summarize, explain and answer questions about what is in their contracts and other agreements.

In today’s demonstration, Google and Docusign showed that AI will be able to simplify and improve the document review process, enabling signers to better understand what they are signing. 

Leveraging Vertex AI in the demonstration, Docusign showed how a Master Services Agreement (MSA) could be recapped with an explanation of key terms for a user. More than a summary, the explanation is delivered in plain language — think of it as a sort of translation. In a paradigm shift of how people interact with contracts, Docusign also showed how people might ask conceptual questions about the contract and get answers, via Vertex AI, without having to pore over pages of text to understand context.

This technology builds on Docusign’s Agreement Summarization to improve how signers review and understand their agreements. Agreement summarization allows users to automatically generate a summary with the need-to-know information pulled directly from the document for a user’s review, allowing them to complete agreements more quickly and confidently.

Docusign + Google

Since our partnership began in 2012, Docusign has brought eSignature to Google’s users with more than 3 million downloads of Docusign’s Workspace app. The app can be used to quickly and securely send and sign agreements in the applications that users already work within to streamline the agreement process and make users more productive.

You can check out the Google Apps Marketplace to learn more about our joint integrations, including Docusign eSignature for Google Drive, Docusign eSignature for Gmail, Docusign eSignature for Google Docs, Docusign eSignature for Chrome, Docusign mobile app for Android.

Looking to the future, we’re excited to continue our innovation partnership with Docusign CLM for Google Docs and more soon.

Marcello Majonchi
VP, Product Management