New Choices with Docusign Payments: ACH, API, Braintree/PayPal and Authorize.Net

With the Docusign Summer ‘17 Release, we’re excited to roll out new functionality for Docusign Payments that’s all about giving you more choice in how you collect payments with your DocuSigned agreements.

First off, you now have the option to accept Automated Clearinghouse or ACH payments from your customers. Our integration with Stripe gives your customers the ability to make payments using their bank accounts (in addition to previously launched credit card functionality). ACH payments on Stripe cost 0.80%, capped at $5, with no monthly fees or verification fees. So, a $100 payment incurs a $0.80 fee; any payments above $625 cost $5. With its lower transaction fees, ACH payments are especially useful if you collect payments with large amounts. It’s a tremendous value considering the time wasted chasing down payments and the enhanced customer experience, enabling customers to pay you in the method they prefer.

ACH payment and bank account authorization forms in Docusign

In addition to Stripe, we’re launching new integrations with payment gateways Braintree and Authorize.Net.

Many of you may be using existing Braintree, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payment Pro or PayPal Payments Standard accounts. Our partnership with Braintree allows you to connect these accounts in a simple onboarding flow so you can begin to accept payments with Docusign. Authorize.Net supports existing payment processors you may already be using including Chase Paymentech, Heartland Payment Systems, and Elavon.

Finally, we are excited to release the public APIs for Docusign Payments - providing maximum flexibility for integration into custom business processes and applications.

Docusign is continuing to innovate and bring new functionality to make it easier than ever to collect payments and signatures from your customers in one step.

Since our launch in February, customers have already seen the impact and value of Docusign Payments across their organizations.

Last Hope K9 Rescue is a 100% volunteer-run dog rescue organization. Its volunteers act as foster families for rescued dogs, and assist in the adoption process until dogs are placed in new “forever homes.” Prior to Docusign Payments, the non-profit was all paper-based, and was experiencing difficulties, especially when it came to collecting payment in a timely and reliable fashion. “Say we have 100 active fosters. They would process a contract and payment, and then have to mail the contract and check to us. That created a lot of issues for us. There was a delay. It often took weeks, maybe a month to receive payment, and often times the checks ended up bouncing, so financially it wasn't a good solution for us,” says Executive Director Alex Monahan.

By using Docusign Payments, Last Hope K9 Rescue is saving a ton of time - they expect to complete an additional 300 adoption contracts this year as a result of using the new feature. “Nowadays, it takes minutes. It's an extremely smooth process compared to our old ways,” describes Monahan. Read the case study to learn more.

Docusign Payments is included in Business Pro and Enterprise Pro plans and available for an additional fee in other plans. Visit for more information.