National Small Business Week: Finish Line Features

Finish Line Features produces award-winning documentary films, including Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, Running for Jim, and Bias. To collaborate with partners and market the film, Robin Hauser, Direct / Producer of Finish Line Features spends a lot of time on the road and is often given short turnaround times to execute on agreements in the midst of many other tasks.

Docusign’s mobile app enables Robin to sign investor agreements 75% faster -- reducing turnaround time, improving productivity, and solving business needs on-the-go.

Top Use Case: Investor relations

“A corporate sponsor told me they would financially support my film project, Bias, if I could sign an agreement that day by 5PM.   I was in Park City at Sundance in a huge snowstorm and the Wi-Fi was down. I was snowed in so I couldn’t drive anywhere to find Wi-Fi.  I used my Docusign mobile app to sign the agreement and execute the transaction from my phone. It took less than 5 minutes. How awesome is that?!”

Robin Hauser, Director / Producer at Finish Line Features

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