National Small Business Week Customer Spotlight: Collective Retreats

Collective Retreats enables travelers to explore and stay in nature without sacrificing any luxuries.  With teams, customers, and partners who are often working in remote locations with spotty internet access, Collective Retreat needed a technology platform that enabled the completion of business contracts regardless of location.

Docusign serves as on-the-go solution for small businesses that helps Collective Retreats seamlessly complete agreements with customers and partners in a matter of hours, driving not only operational efficiency but also a superior customer experience even in remote locations.

Top Use Case: On-site supplier agreements

“Docusign is absolutely the most useful digital business efficiency platform we have at Collective Retreats. We’re unique in that we often require to have 100% business capacity from very remote locations -- in a tent on the top of a mountain, from a helicopter, on horseback, or even in the middle of the woods on cross country skis. We use Docusign for everything from corporate documents, customer and partner agreements, to internal team workflows and approvals. The iOS and mobile functionality of being able to take file formats of any type from the cloud or email, or even from scratch - seamlessly get them into Docusign- and coordinate multiple people signing in complex order is amazing. Docusign is a critical part of our business. As CEO and founder I utilize it every day, multiple times a day. I only wish all of our other software and mobile platforms were as powerful, efficient, and helpful as Docusign.”

CEO and Founder, Peter Mack

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