Momentum 2018: Announcing the Luminary Speakers

The business acceleration event of the year is now just over four weeks away.

At Momentum, our annual customer conference, you’ll discover all that’s possible, next, and new with Docusign. You’ll leave with the knowledge and power to take full advantage of our platform—along with a roadmap for what’s coming.

We select our Momentum Luminary Speakers for the unique insights and inspiration they’ll bring to the conference. And this year’s choices are no exception.

Join us as they reveal all that’s possible, next and new—as well as timeless truths that touch all our lives.

Bert Jacobs, Chief Executive Optimist and co-founder of Life is Good, will demonstrate how business can work to make our lives more meaningful. With just $78 in his pocket, Bert and his brother founded this clothing and accessories business best known for its optimistic tee-shirts. Together, they built it into a $100 million brand, donating 10% of their profits to the Life Is Good Kids Foundation. By partnering with numerous child care organizations, the Foundation brings positive change to the lives of even the most vulnerable children.

Learn more about Bert Jacobs and Life Is Good.

Geoffrey Moore, author of New York Times bestseller Crossing the Chasm as well as an organizational theorist and management consultant, will share his insights on the d

isruptive power of digitization. An expert in the market dynamics produced by disruptive innovations, Moore has penned countless other business books, including 2015’s Zone to Win on the challenges and triumphs such innovations present to large enterprises. Moore holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Washington and gives between 50 and 80 speeches a year. We’re counting on this one being his most memorable and inspiring yet, and are thrilled to have him.

Learn more about Geoffrey Moore.

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