Marking our IPO with IMPACT

Our Docusign IMPACT Foundation has been a vital part of our company’s history, culture, and success. Employees never hesitate to share their passion for giving back with IMPACT - whether that’s through our Global IMPACT Day & Volunteer Time Off, Matching Gifts Program, Docusign for Nonprofits, and more. As we prepared to become a public company on April 27, 2018, we knew we wanted to mark the occasion in a way that truly represented our company and demonstrated our character in action. What better way to do that than to harness the devotion of our employees and host a series of global Spring IMPACT events?

Throughout April and May, Docusign employees across the world - from Seattle to Dublin, Philadelphia to Tel Aviv - marked Docusign’s IPO by volunteering with local nonprofits. Teams have made an IMPACT in 14 different locations, across 25+ nonprofit organizations, including Meals on Wheels, Larkin Street Youth Services, Food Bank for New York City, the March of Dimes, Glad Clean the Capital, Family House, Project C.U.R.E., Pike Market Food Bank, The Arboretum Foundation, Birthday Dreams, Camp Korey, and many more.

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Each volunteering event was led by employee leaders, who rallied their colleagues to make an IMPACT in their community:

“We cleaned up garbage at a local park. The park we chose is heavily used -- it has two soccer fields, two baseball diamonds, a skateboard park, a basketball court, and many walking trails through the forest. The experience was great with many people coming up to us and thanking us while we were working” Docusign Customer Success Architect & Canada IMPACT Leader, Jeff Goold

“We started with running as a group one of the M2V race segments (7 miles) in one of the hottest days we had lately (mid 90’s °F). As you can expect, it wasn’t easy but we still enjoyed it. Our goal was to raise 12,500 NIS (~$3,500), and thanks to the Docusign matching program, dollars for doers and our social media campaign, we were able to raise 22,500 NIS ($6,300). Following the race, we drove to a primary school in a Bedouin village and volunteered for a few hours." 

- Docusign Senior Director, Product Management, Tal Yas'ur

“We volunteered with the Food Bank for New York City’s Shop & Stock with Families program, which provides more than 40,000 meals a month to NYC families. What I liked most about this opportunity was the chance to interact directly with the Food Bank’s clients – helping them select, add up, and bag all of the items they picked up at the food pantry. Food is such an integral part of a person’s life, and it was fun to chat with them about what they chose, and what meals they were planning on preparing for themselves and their families.”

 - Docusign Customer Success Architect, Laurie Paguio

To make these special IMPACT events even more significant, the Docusign IMPACT Foundation donated $25 per each hour of service to the nonprofits where employees volunteered, totaling over $25,000 dollars.

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