Make Taxes Less Taxing: Filing Your Returns in the Digital Age

Whether you’re an accountant, a tax specialist, or an individual looking to file taxes more efficiently and easily while meeting strict legal requirements, Docusign makes Tax Day that much less arduous.

Docusign lets you send documents for eSignature, which means as a tax specialist, you’ll no longer have to wait for clients to print PDFs, sign, and mail them. Rather, you can turn documents around in hours this tax season by leveraging the power of digital.

If you’re an individual? Downloading a tax form from the IRS and signing electronically with Docusign also means radically increased efficiency.

What’s more, Docusign is one of the most secure ways to handle your taxes. In an era riddled with identity theft, Docusign’s secure authentication protects clients -- whereas documents sitting in the mailbox or fax machine aren’t nearly as secure.

You can also use Docusign year-round for the following tax-related documents:

  • IRS Forms 8878 and 8879
  • LLC formation
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Engagement letters
  • Practice continuation agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Power of attorney agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements

Want to learn more about digitization for tax specialists? Check out our complimentary demo and gain more insight into the power, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of Docusign for tax season.

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